Extra Charge on Bookings

If your booking falls on any notable calender holiday period or Bank Holiday; your booking will carry an additional holiday tariff of one top up hour to the total package. This does not include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years even when there is a premium booking rate for these selected dates.


Terms and conditions

On accepting our nanny confirmation and allocation prepared for you means:

  1. I acknowledge that my child is in good physical condition unless I have stated otherwise on my booking form and do not know of any condition or reason that my child should not participate in any gentle play/running/physical activities.

  2. I give my 100% confirmation that I have fully briefed the nanny allocated with the routine of my children, any likes or dislikes and any thing the nanny may need to know for the smoothe and safe transitio of care.

  3. I understand that a safe and nurturing environment will always be given for my child/children and activities will be offered within and close to the grounds of the respective Hotel with optimum safety in mind. Therefore, I further agree to release and hold harmless The Hotel Nanny from all claims and liabilities of any type whatsoever of injury, sickness or death to my child, which may result from my taking on the service of a nanny from The Hotel Nanny agency.

  4. Your package duration are as times stated. We allow a 5 minute buffer to return to your room. However, after that, another additional hour will automatically occur with no exception.

  5. If for any reason you are not happy with your nanny, you must inform the office immediately and terminate the nanny care of which the office will work hard on a replacement. A replacement may not be possible and hence forward your free choice of continuing the care - this is your agreement to the placement offered and package to be paid in full. Not at any stage can you consume all the nanny package if you are not happy.

  6. Your nanny will arrive with a tailor made basket of stories and toys, I accept these toys are safe and appropriate for my child.

  7. You must clearly state any after midnight care needed to inform the nanny ahead of time. In London The Hotel Nanny provides safe carriage back to their homes once normal transport reduces and so a taxi will be provided.

  8. At all times you must communicate what your plans are for your nanny and if you under take any spontaneous trips or journeys the nanny must be clear and comfortable with where she is going to or being driven.

  9. If at any time a trip or journey is expected and the nanny is asked without prior warning or discussion, then your nanny has the full right to decline the trip. she will instead be happy to work out her time duration with you/your children at the specified location/hotel. If in the instance a nanny chooses not to partake in an unexpected journey due to not feeling comfortable due to safety - her right to turn the offer down will be supported by the office. All packages in place will still need to be paid in full.

  10. All outings and plans for longer packages of nanny care must be discussed with the office prior to a booking in order to set all the connecting Health and Safety as well as any additional insurances if necessary.

  1. The Hotel Nanny makes no warranty or representation that this website will meet your requirements, that it will be of satisfactory quality, that it will be fit for a particular purpose, that it will not infringe the rights of third parties, that it will be compatible with all systems, that it will be secure and that all information provided will be accurate. We make no guarantee of any specific results from the use of this website.

  2. No part of this website is intended to constitute advice and the content of this website should not be relied upon when making any decisions or taking any action of any kind.

  3. No part of this website is intended to constitute a contractual offer capable of acceptance. No goods and / or services are sold through this website and product and / or service details are provided for information purposes only.

  4. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all graphical representations of products and / or descriptions of services available from The Hotel Nanny correspond to the actual products and / or services, The Hotel Nanny is not responsible for any variations from these descriptions.

  5. The Hotel Nanny does not represent or warrant that such products and / or services will be available from us or our premises. For this reason, please contact us prior to visiting if you wish to enquire as to the availability of any products and / or services. Any such enquiry does not give rise to any express or implied warranty that the products and / or services forming the subject matter of your enquiry will be available upon your arrival at our premises.

  6. All pricing information on the website is correct at the time of going online. The Hotel Nanny reserves the right to change prices and alter or remove any special offers from time to time and as necessary.


Payments and Cancellations

  • Bookings cancelled less than 48 hours before the booking begins are not refundable or if payment has yet to be made, a full charge is in place and payment must be made. For high demand time frames for bookings of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this requires 72 hours notice of cancellation.

  • For larger ‘consecutive day bookings’ for one given family takes a lot of preparation to make the nanny available for your given times. Once your confirmation has been sent with your nanny/session packages these can not be changed or swapped last minute for other times. Packages can be added however the cancellation procedure is as above.

  • Bookings cancelled less than a week from the date of the booking incur a 25% administration charge, 75% of the initial booking cost will be refunded.

  • A full refund will be issued on any bookings cancelled when at least one week's notice is supplied.

  • For large corporate bookings of more than 5 nannies prepared and confirmed, invoices must be balanced up to 4 weeks in advance and no refund offered for any changes hence in.

  • For more than 2 consecutive nanny days booked and confirmed by 3rd party agencies - and once the preparation and confirmation has been sent to client by THN office - there on in needs a 7 day cancellation policy to be valid for a refund

  • Travel costs for the nanny may still apply depending on time of cancellation

  • If a nanny has to travel from out of city for your cover this will be mentioned - a travel charge will be applied. A discounted £10 per day will be applied for larger consecutive day and evening bookings. Higher travel charges will be discussed with you directly

  • You are required to pay and balance your nanny package ordered prior to the nanny care starting. If you go over your package time by 1 or 2 hours this will automatically be taken and the outstanding will be balanced from your payment card. If there is more than 2 hours owing we will get in touch with you for the larger amount owed.