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Helping nannies step up to the next level of professionalism in the nanny world

Whether you’re a professional nanny looking to advance your skills or your just starting out in the nanny world, The Nanny School can help you step confidently into the highly rewarding world of childcare for V.I.P families.

The Nanny School is a specialist learning platform where nannies can enhance their professional skills and advance their careers.

We help nannies upgrade from where they are now to become a super nanny. We help you to craft and prepare in order to achieve the salaries you need and deserve.

The courses on offer are designed for ambitious nannies who want transformation to go from their current reality to their more desired future.

Our Courses

Become a V.I.P Nanny

Course One

If you’re looking to embark on a career as V.I.P or HNW Nanny, this course is for you. My passion is to bring to you my unique knowledge of the nanny world and shine a light for you to see that there is a huge niche to fill by up-skilling yourself, channelling your love and passion for children becoming the best you can be.

In the course, we will cover:

  • Understanding how to excel in an interview

  • Nanny Etiquette and how it’s vital

  • Finding our super nanny strengths

  • Setting goals and creating a vision board for success

  • Top ten communication skills for V.I.P nanny’s

  • The different skills required to work in the V.I.P Nanny industry.

Become a V.I.P Nanny

Course Two

I highly recommend completing course one first, but there’s no obligation if you’d prefer to dive straight into this course. Through these two courses, I’ll be taking you through what it takes to excel as a V.I.P Nanny and be a cut above the rest in this industry.

In the course, we will cover:

  • Understanding how to excel in an interview

  • VIP Nanny Do’s and Don’ts uncovered

  • Finding our super nanny strengths

  • Learn how to put the WOW into your day and your charges

  • Your tool kit for when things get tough

  • How to shout about your brilliance

  • The different skills required to work in the V.I.P Nanny industry

1st Class Nanny CV

Find your dream nanny family

Make sure you get your dream nanny family! If there is a nanny position you desperately want, everything sounds perfect, but you are concerned your CV doesn’t really pop. Then have your CV stand out above and beyond the rest with this course.

I’ll be taking you through the vital parts of the recruitment process and sharing with you what really stands out through my years of recruiting in this industry, including the do’s and don’ts, how to make an excellent first impression and more.

Access Exclusive Resources

Explore extra teachings and download your own copies of the resources our V.I.P nannies take on luxury stays

When you join The Nanny School’s online platform, you’ll find more than just the courses. You’ll gain immediate access to exclusive guides and additional teachings, to compliment the course work and help you level up to a supernanny standard.

You will gain access to:

  • 10 recommendations to level up your nanny career
  • A mindfulness journalling guide for children
  • The Hotel Holiday fun book for children
  • Expert advice to help you excel in your nanny career

Plus lot’s of additional resources!

The Nanny School Platform

The courses are set up as learn on demand, so you can purchase and work through them in your own time, and revisit them as required in order to help you specifically with a real problem or block at that particular moment.

Become Supernanny!

All are written with our main ethos at the heart of all the courses on offer and that is the title above.

Upgrade your Skills

Every course in its different way deals with the upgrading of skills, presentation, mindset and confidence and gives you a clear set formula in some of the courses in what you need to work on to make the required step up.

Gain Confidence

You will achieve greater confidence, greater professionalism and greater polish at the end of one or all of these courses.

The Nanny School Ethos

“We help nannies upgrade from where they are now to a super nanny! We help you to craft and prepare in order to achieve the salaries you need and deserve”

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Angela Enel

Founder, The Hotel Nanny

Angela began The Hotel Nanny when realising there was not enough high end child care services while away from your normal home network. The Air Nanny soon followed also through knowing this was a vital service for children and a hugely important helping hand for parents.

Angela has taken yet another step, setting up and bringing to you The Nanny School. As a trained teacher and spending many years in the teaching profession, she can combine her expertise to create quality lessons with the blended knowledge of being the owner and Managing Director of The Hotel Nanny & The Air Nanny.

As the key recruiter for her nanny group she has seen exactly what it takes and what is needed to be a cutting edge and skilled VIP nanny, and she has observed how so many applicants lack some of the really important basics when applying for nanny positions. Hence this was exactly the reason she started The Nanny School to help bring out everyone’s super nanny