Membership Plans

Our membership system takes our service that one level further. If you are likely to need a nanny a few times over, for example, a summer period then this is the membership for you. All you need to do is register& pay and you will then have unlimited access to the nanny library to connect with a chosen nanny for your dates whenever! This is far more convenient than the ‘one time’ book nanny function.You also will get our very own Hotel Holiday children’s book free of charge for your little ones to complete and write and draw in, which will serve as a living journal for their holiday break. A memoir to look back to in years to come.

*Please note the cost of the nanny for London is £20 per hour or outside of London £16 per hour and is paid separately on the night.

The Air Nanny

We do it for you

Free book included ‘Your Air Adventure’

Prices for the Air Nanny vary depending on the specifications of your trip.  To get an indication of the cost of your trip, try our free calculator tool.