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We have so many old and new clients who come to us to book a nanny BEFORE they even think about booking their hotel. While those family clients are on our site booking their nanny it is only natural for you to take the opportunity of having our niche market exposed to all our wonderful hotel partners. Our clients are 80% more likely to go on and book a hotel who features on our website than go to a totally different hotel. Our family clients are in the perfect place to be enticed by your hotel advertising and for you to take up on the unique opportunity to headline your beautiful premises. You can feature some of your wonderful family friendly rooms and suites along with some special extra features that you may like to showcase, such like a children’s afternoon tea. We have the perfect catchment group for your to shout about your offerings!

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Such as, impeccable trained nannies, well trained staff and a detailed focus on customer experience for all the team, mirroring that of the luxury hotel industry

In the hospitality world, a new fast growing group of travellers has emerged — the children. Just to spend some time and watch the crowds of busy parents in airports, trains and so on helps us to realize how true it is. This trend has created new needs and products, for example; children carriages are…

Jean-Claude Baumgarten

Chairman and MD, Former President and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council
Nov 15, 2021

The Hotel Nanny, provides professional and consistent childcare service to the hotel industry

Staying at a luxury hotel should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, but so often for parents with young children it can cause moments of anxiety and stress. Angela Enel spotted a gap in the market and her company, The Hotel Nanny, provides professional and consistent childcare service to the hotel…

Jonathan Raggett

Managing Director Red Carnation Hotels
Nov 15, 2021

partnering with The Hotel Nanny is the perfect way for hotels to provide the childcare element that is so essential from a parent’s perspective, allowing the hotel to retain their focus on all the adult elements

I developed the Luxury Family Hotels Group during the 1990’s, which was in response to the yawning chasm in the hotel market for families to enjoy a break that wasn’t tailored specifically either for adults or for children, but designed with the whole family in mind, ensuring no member of the family…

Nicholas Dickinson

co-founder of Luxury Family Hotels, Owner of Congham Hall
Nov 15, 2021

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Greater visibility to high-net-worth clients.  Get seen by high-net worth individuals through our mailing lists, advertising opportunities and even become our featured hotel of the month.

New routes to market

New routes to market.  Our clients often book hotels we partner with.  This is because they often look for a nanny first and can change their mind when they are looking for a hotel based on our recommendations.

Advertise special offers

Advertise special offers on our website to entice our clients to come and spend with you.  If you have a special offer

Give aways

Give aways. Our premium package allows you to advertise an overnight stay with one of our nannies at your hotel for one lucky couple.  Use it as an advertising feature.

Our Hoteliers Pricing Plan

Become a Hotel Partner

Would you like to become a hotel partner and have your hotel featured on our website so our members can see your hotel when they are making their  choices?  Our hotel partners love the fact that many of our members travel in off-peak periods and are high net worth individuals. 

Advertise Special Offers

 All our hotel partners can advertise any special offers they may have through us direclty to our client base.  Once you become a hotel partner we give you a page on our website to display any special offers as well as all the facilities you offer.

Get Featured

 When you sign up as a hotel partner we will feature your hotel prominatly across our website.  Get seen by thousands of parents a year looking for a place to stay in your area. 

Our Priority

When you become a partner of The Hotel Nanny we offer priority booking to the hotels who have become partners of The Hotel Nanny.  

Win and Attract family travellers

 Win parents over by offering a world class nanny service.  Don’t forget the most important person in your guests life are their children.  Sometimes families want more than just someone looking after their kids for an evening.  Many want quality time together during the day to experience everthing the hotel has to offer without feeling guilty their children are not having a good time.  By signing up with The Hotel Nanny you are getting exclusive access to our world class nannies whilst offering your guests a bespoke service, whilst your guests of the future are being well looked after.

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