Time for a treat – you deserve it

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“We are a family of five, our three children and us. We are exceptionally busy with work, household and keeping all the balls in the air with the children, school, play dates and so on that we have lost sight of how important it is to put some time aside for just us. I have seen your service and I am tempted, although my husband would be happy just to get room service and a movie when the kids go to bed. What do you think?”

Oh my goodness, well as my absolute mantra sentence goes, we pride ourselves on giving parents ‘the luxury of together time’. It is all too easy to fall in to habits and ways that aren’t really giving each other the emotional nourishment we need to work and thrive as a happy, well-oiled family unit or partner. We have so many pressures on us these days with the rigours of work and juggling family commitments, many of us are also living far away from any extended family to help with the burdens which all takes its toll. Mostly this sacrifice that happens is the attention or time we give to ourselves as individuals or as a couple.

Therefore, my advice is that it’s great that you have already taken a booking for a few days away in a beautiful hotel – so what better time to maximise that experience and have a bigger bolder stay of that chosen hotel by getting us to take on your nanny care. Have a look at the spa treatment menu and see what delights you, make sure you arrange for a massage that can be done in the double room with you and your husband side by side – all this can be finalised by flopping by the pool or chatting together while you bubble away in the hot tub and in the meantime your daily worries go floating out of the window as you unwind more and more! Sounds like utter bliss doesn’t it – let me guarantee you that it sure will be! And what stands in the way of this happening or not is making the decision to get on board some fabulous nanny care, I know your children will feel the nanny coming to visit will be a treat for them too!

In regards to your husband getting room service and a movie as his evening suggestion, I would have to say you need to step in there! Pack his best suit, make the dinner reservation with the concierge for your favourite night and surprise him with a luxurious ‘date-night’ Your nanny will arrive just at the time that you are keen to get started on those pre-dinner cocktails. What better opportunity but to take the bull by the horns on this, it would be a crime to leave without enjoying the evening ambience of the hotel and not least the Michelin Starred restaurant which is just a stroll from your bedroom door! I am positive you won’t regret indulging each other with these fine hotel treats that are in store for you – all to help put the bounce in your stride again..

Angela x