Leaving the nanny at home, and hello The Hotel Nanny

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“We normally take our nanny away with us to hotels purely because the local babysitting services are so dire we wouldn’t want to consider anything else… now we have come across The Hotel Nanny it changes the game plan for us! Could we really book a nanny for evenings and daytimes to fit around what we are wanting to do just alone.”

Absolutely, this is the one question that pops up time and time again and Yes! You can leave your nanny at home and go away just as a family. We will be here to organise and place the nanny around your spa afternoons and fine dining restraint reservations as well as any sightseeing or museum tours you would like to do which can be difficult with little ones. I find the children specifically find sightseeing difficult with the pure amount of tourist traffic and queues for things — it can take the joy out of the day and everyone is frazzled!
Having a nanny myself to help me with my two children, I understand how interwoven they become with your family routine and care and it can be hard to make sure you have allocated all their holiday time to them — so being able to leave your personal nanny at home not only gives her a lovely break it also go towards the annual leave as well as mean you can save on an extra bedroom! It’s undoubtedly a win-win all round!

Angela x