Annual Hotel GM Meeting

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The Hotel Nanny attends the Annual Hotel General Managers Meeting 2015

Every year all the top professional and General Managers get together for this much celebrated annual Master Innholders Conference.

It was remarkable being a part of something that has been operating from the 16th Century. The Master Innholders is a well respected, prestigious force within the hotel industry – an elite corps which is publicly recognised as a standard bearer for the industry.

It aims to influence standards and extend professionalism within the industry; to promote consideration, study, discussion and research in the areas affecting hotel management including management development, training, education and recruitment.

So for The Hotel Nanny to be an exhibitor and delegate for such an event in January 2015 was an incredible experience. What was also wonderful was knowing that our exhibitor funding was going directly to The Master Innholder Scholarship programme which awards scholarships annually to managers in the hospitality industry. As my past career was in the educational arena I felt very proud to be donating our funding towards this scholarship programme and being a part of making someone’s dream possible to study in a highly respectable hospitality course.

Successful candidates are granted places on a two week management development course at Cranfield University, Cornell University (USA), or the École Hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland) and this year saw a bumper amount awarded to many industry hopefuls.

I also have to note that The Hotel Nanny Ltd was the first ever childcare business to attend this event, showing that we are forging the way as the leaders in being visionaries for bringing the marriage of exceptional childcare together with the luxury hotel industry