My on-line programmes are written and built for nannies who want help to achieve a dream job!

Have you ever wondered why there are some nannies enjoying amazing VIP positions and having fabulous careers and fabulous salaries to match. Do you feel like you are being left behind, or maybe you are going for these dream jobs but not not being short-listed?

I can help you!

This course takes you through the journey of CV writing, preparation for interview, post interview tactics, etiquette and polish, finding your WOW as a nanny and capitalising on it! The final section of the course will be about confidence, goal setting and putting together your five year career plan.

Don’t settle for ordinary - become extraordinary!
— Angela Enel
Angela Enel Founder of The Hotel Nanny

Angela Enel

Founder of The Hotel Nanny

I bring over 10 years knowledge and insight wrapped up in one 8 step programme which will give you what it takes to sell yourself as a Super Nanny and achieve the dream job you deserve. 

The Hotel Nanny book Amazon

The Hotel Nanny book

My personal guarantee to you is this will give you the guidance you need. All too often I see nannies, under sell themselves. They fail to put their best selves forward and in so doing losing out on great opportunities. 

I know what I look for when I am recruiting for The Hotel Nanny and I want to share with you my secret formula

This on-line 8 step course is put together with all clear and tangible sections and areas which, can take you from being where you are to a nanny that stands out and shines. If you want to excel in your nanny career but feel like you have not had a career path you were hoping for then this is a course for you.

My Super Nanny Yourself course is an effective 8 step on-line programme. This course will allow you to aim bigger and to be better positioned to earn far more than you are today with that dream VIP position. It comes to you in 8 easy maneagable steps, listening and learning in the comfort of your home. It is perfectly paced with 4 days in between before the next tutorial is sent to you. This gives you time to work on the actions at every stage. By the end of this 8 step course - you will be unstoppable. Can you afford not to do this!

The course is £115.00

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