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Improve Confidence and Mind-Set with goal setting

Business Consultation

One-to-One Business Consultation Day with the founder and Author Angela Enel

With the expansion of The Hotel Nanny it became evident that the nanny fraternity in itself needed more TLC. When researching this area Angela could see that although there were many child based, skill orientated courses, there were few if any courses that allowed nannies to invest in themselves, in self-improvement! We are here to help you empower your vision for your nanny career.


What do we do?

The Hotel Nanny Training School are launching and proud to deliver an array of on-line courses which can help you through a number of challenging situations. Such as; a daunting recruitment process where you feel you need some help, and get some key tips from someone who knows the industry or maybe you need to up-grade your confidence and mind-set and think big. These courses allow you to achieve and refine a polished presentation and delivery and getting you more on track with securing those VIP positions that you deserve.


Do you have a business idea?

Our exclusive course is a one-to-one business consultation day with Angela herself, founder of The Hotel Nanny and Author. If you have many years devoting yourself as a nanny and want to change direction come and get a day of pure inspiration and insight from the multi-award winning entrepreneur Angela Enel. Book a much sort after day with Angela in a top hotel, walking through the essential first few steps of getting your idea off the ground! The conclusion of the day will be celebrated with a champagne afternoon tea and departing with your action plan ready to get started on.


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