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I developed the Luxury Family Hotels Group during the 1990’s, which was in response to the yawning chasm in the hotel market for families to enjoy a break that wasn’t tailored specifically either for adults or for children, but designed with the whole family in mind, ensuring no member of the family unit was overlooked. Yet to this day the majority of the country’s finest hotels still overlook this important market segment. No longer need that be the case: partnering with The Hotel Nanny is the perfect way for hotels to provide the childcare element that is so essential from a parent’s perspective, allowing the hotel to retain their focus on all the adult elements and help adults to maximize their stay with our facilities.
— Nicholas Dickinson, co-founder of Luxury Family Hotels, Owner of Congham Hall
Staying at a luxury hotel should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience, but so often for parents with young children it can cause moments of anxiety and stress. Angela Roach spotted a gap in the market and her company, The Hotel Nanny, provides professional and consistent childcare service to the hotel industry. Being able to offer our guests a high-end bespoke childcare service, enables parents to enjoy the facilities we offer such as spas, fine dining restaurants and cocktail bars in peace without worrying about their children. In this day and age, parents want to be able to place their absolute trust in anyone looking after their children, and by working with The Hotel Nanny, we are able to provide parents with the reassurance they are seeking.
— Jonathan Raggett, Managing Director, Red Carnation Hotels
In the hospitality world, a new fast growing group of travellers has emerged — the children. Just to spend some time and watch the crowds of busy parents in airports, trains and so on helps us to realize how true it is. This trend has created new needs and products, for example; children carriages are foldable to be squeezed in baggage racks, new bags can accommodate all the necessary items to make life of the young travellers comfortable. The time has also come to provide a precious service for travelling parents eager to have some private time together for themselves and enjoy more the hotel facilities that can’t be done with children. Traditionally the concierge or the hotel reception has been providing an occasional baby sitter. However, this is not the answer anymore and is no longer adequate in this new era of the rising numbers of requests, the highly demanding offspring and the concerned parents. A new start up, The Hotel Nanny, created by Angela Roach is the answer to take care of all the necessary areas that are on the wish list of family guests. Such as, impeccable trained nannies, well trained staff and a detailed focus on customer experience for all the team, mirroring that of the luxury hotel industry she strategically partners with. One can only commend Angela Roach to have launched this essential service in an often conservative world like hospitality. The Hotel Nanny concept is one of those ideas where one wonders why it did not exist before. The model is working and ready to expand. I am convinced, that The Hotel Nanny thanks to the dynamic team that the company will grow greatly due to their dedicated professionalism. I wish them success with the idea, the expanding team and the customers they deserve.
— Jean-Claude Baumgarten, Chairman and MD, Former President and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council