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For our simplest package, you arrange the flight for your child. You also arrange a return flight for your Air Nanny.

Quantity = flight time + 4 hours

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We are a professional chaperones who unite your child with a family member. Work and other commitments sometimes mean you cannot accompany your child to their destination. Airports can be daunting places, but an Air Nanny makes the journey fun and exciting.

New partnership for our celebrity and Fortune 500 clients

The Air Nanny has recently partnered with Astute Aviation, a global private jet and helicopter charter company, specialising in VIP executive flights.

This is the first time a private nanny company and a private jet company have come together to give our little VIP's and their parents the best in comfort and luxury when we travel with their little ones from A to B for the ultimate child care package. We can take care of all the arrangements — just give us your date, time and locations and we will make it happen!

Professional, polite, punctual and full of personality. So good you wish you could take them home with you
— Pixie McKenna
Pixie McKenna recommends the Air Nanny

Who the service is for

The Air Nanny is an exclusive service specifically designed for company owners, CEOs, single parents or divorced families and leading managers, where it really is impossible to take a whole day, 2 days or more accompanying little ones to a family member living overseas. Therefore we are not only here to help take the load on an already busy schedule, but we pride ourselves on making the travel fun, enjoyable and well cared for every step of the way.

How it works

Once all your requirements have been arranged we will discuss with you how you would prefer your child to be escorted to the airport. We offer a door to door service or airport pick up.

If you wish to take up the airport to airport service our pick up point is located at all main London Airports. This covers Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted as our main pick up points. However pick ups are also possible at Bristol.

There is a 1 hour hand over time from the parent to the nanny in the airport or in your home, where you will have some time with the nanny and your child or children to go through all the details on the day. The nanny will then take over from there and she will then take them safely all the way through to the arranged parent or carer on the other side.

We are fully insured for all National and International travel and all of our nannies are fully able to travel to any destination.

The Air Nanny was on the BBC BBC Business Live Programme 13th December 2016

The Air Nanny was on the BBC
BBC Business Live Programme 13th December 2016

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