We help make your wedding day as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. The bride may need help with the children in the morning before the ceremony, or guests might require this service. Nannies may be required for the duration of the wedding — we provide a service tailored to your requirements. 

If more than three nannies are needed, one of them will be the Head Nanny. She communicates with the wedding planner to ensure the highest level of service. For group bookings, we suggest a room is set aside as an entertainment room for the children. Nannies use the bedrooms for feeding and nap time.

Quintessentially Events
The Hotel Nanny provided a small army of highly trained, flexible and charming ladies for a client’s wedding this October
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What is the Wedding Nanny?

The Wedding Nanny is a luxury childcare service for weddings, family parties and corporate events. If you are wondering whether to include children at your event or looking for a solution to having children at your wedding you need not look any further.


Daytime Nanny

We look forward to working with you to plan your special day or event. We will ensure the maximum enjoyment, fitted in with the day's schedule.

The Hotel Wedding Nanny will arrive an hour in advance to set up. If we are caring for children during a wedding ceremony, we start an hour in advance. This gives family members time to settle the children, allowing them peace of mind of their child’s security and fun.

We will come with games, toys and activities which can be themed around your special day.

Evening Childcare

We offer individual nannies to be booked by yourselves or the guests that require them. The nannies take the child or children back to their rooms give them tea, bath and put them to bed until the parents arrive back at the end of the evening. We do not offer a group facility like the Daytime Wedding Nanny in the evening as this is disruptive for parents. If nannies are booked for the daytime, evening service is offered at a discount.