Thank you for your time on Sunday it really did help confirm my feeling that your service is of a high calibre and what I had been looking for. With regards to booking your service before the hotel, this was a must for me. I want to surprise my other half with an evening at a lovely restaurant and when away from home we find it really difficult to get a sitter (we do not have grandparents we can bring along). Also we have looked at babysitting services in the past and found them severely lacking and would not entertain the idea of using a baby monitor listening service alone. Your set up appears very professional, with solid testimonials and gave me a level of peace of mind I had been looking for. This will enable us to get the very best out of our weekend and for all of us to experience the facilities of the hotel to the full. It also means we can bring Mikey along and can also enjoy some quality family time in the day, exploring the hotel grounds and surrounding area. This way we all have a great time. I would not have proceeded with the booking if you had not got an available nanny.
— Emma
The nanny service definitely enhanced our stay. Without it, we may not have spent time or certainly as much time there. The reason is that we wouldn’t have been able to relax if we had to constantly look after the kids, and also wouldn’t have been able to go to gym, or treatments together, which is important for us. Additionally, the fact that they use a service like yourselves is very important. The nanny’s are clearly looking after the most important things in our lives and so we are always concerned about which hotels to use. So i would say its imperative for our stay that there is a nanny service (we wouldn’t go otherwise) and equally its key that we have comfort and confidence in the service and care provided. Hotel Nanny definitely fulfils this criteria and we have been delighted with our experience
— Paul
We had a wonderful experience with The Hotel Nanny. This was our first time traveling abroad with our children and it was so important to feel 100% comfortable that they were in good hands we could trust. Angela made us feel that way from our first email exchange. Our nanny, Marilyn, spent two nights with our kids (at two different hotels) and it was very clear that she took the time to get to know them and interact with them. We would absolutely use The Hotel Nanny again as we were able to go out and enjoy our evening and not worry for a second about our children.
— Michelle and Mike — Miami Dolphins Executive Vice President of Football Operations — Boca Raton, Florida USA
I’d like to share my nanny experience about our nanny. The first day she cared for Theo, it had been a hard day for him. As you know toddlers can thrive on routine and we had changed just one too many things on him that day. There was a late nap, many tears, and lots of teething before she came. It was perhaps a very hard situation for her to walk into. A crying fussy baby and two parents with a little bit of regret for trying to do that one last thing before nap. Marilyn won him over! She instantly knew how much space to give him and when to step in when needed. She read his cues wonderfully and engaged him in delightful play. I was very pleased!!! When we came home he was fast asleep and all was tidy. What a relief!
— Francesca
I wanted to give you some feedback with regards to [our nanny] Rachel at the weekend. She was an absolute angel! I honestly could not have enjoyed my day as much as I did without her! It was undoubtedly a great decision to contact you and I am so pleased that I did. I must admit I was very worried at first how my son would react, and as Rachel will tell you, he was not receptive at first! He just screamed for me every time I went away from him, it was as if he knew what was going on! It is a very difficult age I think. Anyway Rachel managed to keep my son entertained with feeding the ducks and long walks, he was so upset at the time of the ceremony that if Rachel wasn’t there to take him off and distract him I think I would have had to walk down the aisle holding him and that just would have ruined the whole effect! I never thought that she would be able to take him off and bath him but he was really good and she managed even this task! I then came back with her and settled him and she sat with him all night whilst I was able to party! It really enabled me and my husband to enjoy our day fully without worrying too much about my son. I am so so grateful and would recommend your service to anyone! Thank you thank you thank you The Hotel Nanny! Rachel was just amazing - very calm - even when he was at his worst!!
— Amy
I called The Hotel Nanny on a Sunday afternoon around 2pm in a predicament. I needed a nanny for Monday afternoon in order to attend a meeting for a few hours. Angela was organised, willing to help, empathetic and efficient. Within a couple of hours a nanny had been sourced, the hotel had been informed and all was arranged. The nanny arrived in uniform with a basket of books and toys for my one year old little girl. She was clearly experienced, knowledgeable and very reassuring as I always find leaving my daughter hard. My daughter’s grandmother was also with us but unable to care for her physically. The Hotel Nanny was respectful and relaxed with grandma and my daughter which resulted in a relaxed, happy child. I could not have asked for a more professional approach and I would definitely use The Hotel Nanny again. Many thanks.
— Jenna
When we were choosing a hotel for our previous weekend getaway, one of the main criteria in selecting the hotel was to have a Nanny service available. We came across your website through the hotel in the Cotswolds and found the website very professional and easy to use. In fact, the caliber of hotels your company caters to are such that I may very well select my next weekend getaway destinantion on your website. Due to the short notice we did not have the opportunity to use the Hotel Nanny on the evening requested, however we really appreciated your prompt communication and efforts in finding a nanny for the evening.The general level of service provided by you has been of a very high standard. We look forward to making use of the Hotel Nanny in the near future.
— Gysbert