We offer nanny services for your business. When you have meetings or away days you can offer childcare services for your guests and employees. Making nannies available encourages clients and employees to attend.

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Helen Austin recommends the Corporate Nanny
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the childcare that you and your team provided
— Helen Austin

Don’t lose talented staff over family commitments

The working world is changing. The UK parent workforce is growing and parents are demanding a better work/life balance. Half of all employees report that job demands interfere with their personal responsibilities, while 43% say that family responsibilities interfere with their work performance, according to a study from the American Psychological Association.

Why use us?

The Corporate Nanny supports executives in the workplace. Executives with work and family commitments require childcare while away from home. The Corporate Nanny also works well as part of a benefits package. We provide childcare for meetings, travel, overnight hotel stays or relocation. This allows your company to:

  • demonstrate equality for parents
  • support employees with their home commitments
  • retain staff
  • attract the best talent by putting family life as part of your core values
  • reduce exposure from employee unavailability for family reasons