The Corporate Nanny

100 hours to use at any time.

We offer nanny services to corporate businesses. If you’re looking for venues that offer facilities for meetings or away days and you require childcare services for guests then look no further! We provide a comprehensive nanny package that will encourage clients to attend, giving them the peace of mind they need to focus on business.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the childcare that you and your team provided
— Helen Austin
Helen Austin recommends the Corporate Nanny

Don’t lose talented staff over family commitments

The working world is changing with the UK parent workforce growing and parents demanding a better work life balance.

Over 50% of all employees report that job demands interfere with their personal responsibilities, while 43% of employees say that their family responsibilities interfere with their work performance, according to a Study from the American Psychological Association, and this problem is on the increase.

Why use us?

The Corporate Nanny helps to accommodate and support predominantly female executives in the workplace. The Corporate Nanny recognises the need for busy executives and corporations, who have to fulfil work commitments whilst juggling family life, by offering childcare when their support network may not be a possibility.

Our company is an essential lifeline for busy executives who have a drive to succeed without having to worry about juggling family commitments. The Corporate Nanny works perfectly as a benefits package scheme initiative.

We help and support executives and corporate institutions alike to nurture our family and work obligations. We can provide international quality childcare for meetings, travel, overnight hotel stays or relocation. This allows your company to:

  • Demonstrate equal employment for parents as well as supporting employees with their home commitments
  • Retain talent and your investment in staff
  • Attract the best talent by putting family life as part of your core beliefs
  • Reduce corporate embarrassment because employees have to drop out for family reasons

Our benefits

  • We are an international business operating world wide
  • Our sister service The Air Nanny allows us to transport children safely from one country to another
  • We are trusted by parents
  • We are reliable
  • We are a cost effective solution to attracting the best talent
  • We stop family and work life being mutually exclusive to one another

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