My 1:1 coaching programmes are for people transiting from childcare practitioner into management. I provide navigation for that transition and cover important tasks. I provide essential assistance on all areas — some you have not thought about — plus practical tips and introductions to accountancy and building a website. The assistance I provide nurtures and builds confidence in transitioning from an employee to a manager.
— Angela Enel
Angela Enel Founder of The Hotel Nanny

Angela Enel

Founder of The Hotel Nanny

The Hotel Nanny book Free with every consultation

The Hotel Nanny book
Free with every consultation

One-to-one business coaching

The founder of The Hotel Nanny Group and International Chaperones, author of The Hotel Nanny is available for business consultation. You can book a short consultation to help you get your business idea off the ground, or invest in a more in-depth Let's Get Started programme to give you the basics to start a thriving business.

Do you have a business idea? Our full day course is a one-to-one business consultation with Angela herself, founder of The Hotel Nanny. If you have many years experience as a nanny and now want to move into management, come for a day of pure inspiration and insight from the multi-award winning entrepreneur Angela Enel. Sessions with Angela are much sought after, covering the essentials of getting your idea off the ground! You will come away with your action plan ready to get started.

Business Consultation
from 200.00

1 hour

This provides a sounding board for your top 3 burning business questions

Half Day

This provides a comprehensive Let's Get Started programme to set you up for your business journey to come

Full Day

This is going to stress test your Business Idea: a business plan will be created, your key markets will be identified and help will be given to present and pitch your idea in sales meetings

A&E Business Clinic

You can also benefit from my Emergency Business Clinic. This is for new and old business owners who have hit a wall, feel alone or are confused or overwhelmed. Yes — it happens to us all! A&E is by far my most popular Call Clinic. I dedicate 90 minutes to talk you through the blocks and to help you to see your business clearly again. Don't suffer alone.

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